90s Season at STYX
Blasted, by Sarah Kane
Normal, by Anthony Neilson
The Skriker, by Caryl Churchill
Ten Plays 1990 - 1999; Writer's Residency
90s Season at STYX
90s Season at STYX

For six weeks in March and April of 2017, RIFT produced a season of theatre centred around the decade of our youth: the 1990s.

We brought three plays from the era of In-yer-face to STYX , our ex-industrial space turned arts venue.

Blasted (Dir. Alastair Pidsley), Normal (Dir. Emma Baggott) and The Skriker (Dir. Gruff Theatre) each ran for two weeks and were supported by post-show discussions, screenings, parties, complementary performances and a writers residency programme.

Blasted, by Sarah Kane
Blasted, by Sarah Kane

A play about love and violence and rape and war.

A play that is invaded by and which invades our domestic everyday lives.


Director - Alastair Pidsley

Design - Grace Smart

Lighting - Matthew Vile

Sound - Kieran Lucas


Ian - Nigel Barrett

Cate - Verity Kirk

Soldier - Nima Taleghani


“Part of this venue’s ’90s Season, the show is intelligently directed by Alastair Pidsley, whose brave and committed cast — Nigel Barrett (Ian), Verity Kirk (Cate) and Nima Taleghani (Soldier) — do Kane’s play proud.”

Aleks Sierz, via sierz.co.uk


“Up-and-coming young director Ali Pidsley's new production of Sarah Kane's 1995 debut play Blasted is fascinating in myriad ways.... There are some brilliant decisions and some beautiful moments here – designer Grace Smart's destruction of the hotel room stands out. ★★★★”

Andrew Haydon, for WhatsonStage

Normal, by Anthony Neilson
Normal, by Anthony Neilson

‘You will choose your own truth depending on the foundations you have built your lives upon.’


Director - Emma Baggott

Design - Grace Smart

Lighting - Ciaran Cunningham

Sound - Giles Thomas


Justus Weiner - Corey Montague Sholay

Peter Kurten - Richard Ede

Frau Kurten - Cathy Walker


Emma Baggott’s astute revival, meanwhile, plays much of the action across a metal table that conjures both abattoir and morgue. She also draws fine performances from all three actors, including Cathy Walker as Peter’s wife who, like Wehner, becomes a puppet in the hands of a man who is disconcertingly portrayed as the most charismatic character on stage. ★★★★.

Lyn Gardner, for The Guardian

Ground-breaking theatre company RIFT found that the play’s message still resonated in 2017 and have brought us a sleek revival with a strong cast and a visually striking design. ★★★★

Everything Theatre

The Skriker, by Caryl Churchill
The Skriker, by Caryl Churchill

"There earthquakes are coming and we're eating white fish and mashed potatoes"

An ancient, damaged shapeshifter known as the Skriker torments two women's lives.


This production was directed and devised by GRUFF Theatre.

GRUFF - Thomas Bostock, Alistair Foylan, Phoebe Naughton, Holly Shuttleworth

Design - David Curtis-Ring

Lighting - Sorcha Stott-Strzala

Sound - Will Berger

Costume - Rachel Gammon


Skriker - Phoebe Naughton

Josie - Briony O'Callaghan

Lily - Jenny Swingler

Ensemble - Chidi Omari, Cordelia Stevenson, Derek Elwood, Eliot Vincent, Hilary Hodsman, Jonathan Blaydon, Kailing Fu, Nancy Ofori.


Gruff have managed to conjure a feeling of constant yet elusive threat. We don’t know what it is we’re afraid of, but we’re afraid of something, and so we laugh nervously all the way through

The Tung

Ten Plays 1990 - 1999; Writer's Residency
Ten Plays 1990 - 1999; Writer's Residency

Since the inception of STYX, it has been home to numerous national and international residency programmes run by RIFT. 

For this season, RIFT welcomes ten young writers, one born each year in the 1990s, to respond to their perception of the decade. 

The residency ran alongside our season, the rehearsed readings of each piece being performed the first week of April. 

RIFT would like to thank everyone who took part in the process, in particular our guest spears Rebecca Lenkiewicz, Sebastian Baczkiewicz, Amy Rosenthal and Ali Muriel.