RIFT are Felix Mortimer and Joshua Nawras.

RIFT’s mission is to tell stories without boundaries. This means taking classic stories and allowing our audience to participate and engage with them in new ways, challenging conventional forms of storytelling, breaking open often difficult to access stories, narratives and plays.

We are interested in breaking down the boundaries of stories: creating worlds which audience members can explore, edit and question. Our productions Macbeth, The Trial and O Brave New World take universally recognised stories and spill them through London allowing audiences to interact with the characters, situations and events happening around them.

This year in collaboration with the Mill Co. Project we are programming a series of development work to take place at our space: 5 Ashley Road, London, N17 9LJ. 

All photography on this website by Camilla Greenwell.

Get in contact with us on info@r-ft.co.uk