International Residencies: Part 1 / by Felix Mortimer


For the first two weeks of our International Residency programme we were joined by Monica, an actress with the Italian Company Lenz Fondazione and also Lilian Robl and Annabell Lachner who are artists from Germany. All three came with ideas ready to explore and jumped straight into working on their pieces. Monica told us the story of a man named Bruno Longhi. He was a rebel, fighting against the fascists in WW2, who upon being kidnapped and tortured was never seen again. Leading the audience around the space Monica used both Italian and English to tell us Bruno’s story, reaffirming that what he did with his life was so much more important than the bad things that happened to him. Lilian and Annabell presented a live art piece in which they explored internet and media obsessions. Fusing live art with spoken word and projection, they challenged themselves in a way they had never done before – performing in front of an audience.

It was an exciting two weeks for all involved, as our first iteration of the residency programme it was amazing to see it all finally come together and to see the incredible work that all three produced.